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Veil Theory

Veil theory is a set of tools for navigating reality in any magical context.

Keeper of the Veil

The keeper of the veil is a title given to the one who will protect the separation of realms at all costs. Note that this is a singular role and cannot be delegated; subtle forces and implications follow the title. The title ensures that its author will handle transdimensional energy such that diverse forms of magic can flow freely between realms. It chiefly posits that anything that can be imagined can be summoned in some form. Usually this form is non-impressive, such as an illusion or self-contained fairy.

Below is transcribed the entire current article on magic, because there's literally no reason not to.


The willingness to create magic from nothing appears to be central to manipulating the veil.

Magic is a mechanism for understanding, experiencing and influencing the world through the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, or language.

As of yet, magic is not scientifically recognized.



Magical traditions have been present since the earliest human cultures,[1] many of which have continued to this day. Because of this, nearly every culture has one or more forms of magical tradition. The following is a list of commonly known traditions, both old and new:

Types of Magic

There are as many types of magic as there are traditions, but there are a few patterns that stand out. Some of these are as follows:

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