Jump to navigation Jump to search is a wiki dedicated to cataloguing the paranormal. It was originally three separate wikis, SourceryForge, Parachan, and, then combined under ConsciousCode to produce the current site.

This site is a community-created and community-contained reference work on esoteric subjects such as magick and spirituality.

Some of the pages contain very dry information, in the nature of an encyclopaedia. Other pages contain practical advice, experiences and suggestions.

There are specific pages for discussion. The main pages of the resource should not contain debates, just articles.

Anybody can edit any page.

Anybody can create new pages.

Many of the topics are highly subjective so while it may be impossible to maintain a neutral point of view on every article, it is possible to represent and respect conflicting ideas.

Please bear in mind that is a free resource. This means anything stored on the server must be reusable by others. Please do not upload any material (text, image, or other media) which hasn't been released under the Creative Commons license or cannot otherwise be contained in a CC-licensed work. More exclusive licenses may be used provided the work is accompanied by the license and satisfies the terms therein.

Have fun.


Do as thou wilt.