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Spirituality is an umbrella term describing a very diverse flow of philosophical ideas that many people have. It is very connected with Mysticism.

In general, Spirituality seems to be incompatible with most ideas present in the philosophies of Materialism and Nihilism. Some people who have belief in Spirituality-related philosophies are active in religion, which may be some form of Paganism, Buddhism, Christianism, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism or anything else. Other people may be spiritualistic without any religious connections. Many people with belief in magic or magic are also part of the Spirituality movement.

It is important to understand how Spirituality differs from Religion. Spirituality focuses on personal experience and/or personal spiritual growth while many religion movements focuse mainly on faith.

It is also very important to note that New Age is NOT the only thing in Spirituality. New Age is just one form of a Spiritualistic philosophy/paradigm that many people have.