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The Sigil of Chaos; this is a device of recognition and communication for the Illuminates of Thanateros. It bears a resemblance to the emblem of the Lords of Chaos, which are featured in the writings of Michael Moorcock.

Chaos magick is an unorthodox approach to magickal practices. It rapidly spread throughout the occult community as effective means to achieve results.

The core foundation of chaos magick is the assertion that a belief in itself is not a final purpose or a strict framework but merely a tool to serve a particular purpose. It does not hold any particular belief systems or operational frameworks as superior, the only exception being the belief that no belief in and of itself is a final purpose. Methodology and techniques used by chaotes vary to absolute extremes and are often incompatible with each other in their traditional sense. In Liber KKK, Peter Carroll argues that,

It would be inappropriate for any Chaos Magic text to prescribe any particular beliefs or dogmas. It would be inappropriate for any Chaos magician to slavishly adhere to the fine detail of any system.


Chaotes do not subscribe to any particular ideology. The most unique approach that the chaos magick has is the so called concept of Paradigm Shift: defiance of absolutism and disconnection from routine and established belief systems at will for the sake of temporarily accepting other belief system or systems suitable for achieving the desired results. For this reason they tend to have wide and otherwise incompatible insights into religious and esoteric paths, psychology, neurophysiology, literature, philosophy, NLP, and precise sciences, among other things.

Chaotes do occasionally employ rituals but they, like beliefs, are often arbitrary and temporary. It's common for a chaos mage to borrow a ritual, rewire it to suit their needs, and discard it after use.

The wisdom key of the chaos magick, as instituted by Peter Carroll:

Nothing is True. Everything is permitted

This is the common form of the original, "Nothing is true, everything is permissible", popularized by Robert Anton Wilson and attributed to the 10th century Ishmaeli ascetic prince Hassan-I-Sabbah.

Operating chaos mages would freely accept and subsequently modify or reject methods and beliefs coming from different paths, operate with different entities and bear different philosophies. Their current belief systems may be based on something as established as Christian, something as mystical as Kabbalah or even something outright bizarre as, for, example, summoning Spongebob or worshiping the Muppets. This article is a stub. You can help by expanding it