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The Enochian system of magic was communicated to John Dee and Edward Kelley in 1581-89. While experimenting with Scrying (a type of divination) they encountered beings who claimed to be angels on a mission to once again reveal for humanity the system of magic that God gave to the biblical patriarch Enoch.

The basic system

  • Forty-eight "Keys" or "Calls", invocations and evocations in the Angelic or Enochian language. Thirty of these are identical except for a single word.
  • The Great Table, containing the Tablets of the Elements and a cross binding them together, which is sometimes formulated as a fifth Tablet called the Tablet of Union. The Table is built out of the names of a hierarchy of angelic offices, put together in a systematic framework.
  • The Book of Earthly Knowledge and Victory, containing the names of the thirty "Aethyrs"- spiritual planes that cover the world in concentric layers and is connected to various earthly regions - along with the names and sigils of the governors of each Aethyr and certain other information relating to them.
  • The Heptarchia Mystica, a complex system of planetary magic which does not appear to be directly related to the foregoing parts.

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