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An angel is a supernatural being or spirit, often depicted in humanoid form with feathered wings on their backs and halos around their heads, found in various religions and mythologies.

Angels in the Kabbalah

Archangels (Briyah)

  1. Kether - Metatron, Angel of the Presence of God
  2. Chokmah - Raziel, Secret of God or Herald of God
  3. Binah - Tzaphkiel, Beholder of God or Eye of God
  4. Chesed - Tzadkiel, Benevolence of God
  5. Geburah - Kamael, Burner of God
  6. Tiphareth - Raphael, Healing of God
  7. Netzach - Haniel, Grace of God
  8. Hod - Michael, like unto God
  9. Yesod - Gabriel, Strong Man of God
  10. Malkuth - Sandalphon

Orders of Angels (Yetzirah)

  1. Kether - Chayyoth ha Qodesh, Holy living creatures
  2. Chokmah - Ophannim (wheels)
  3. Binah - Aralim (thrones)
  4. Chesed - Chasmallim, Brilliant Ones
  5. Geburah - Seraphim, Fiery Serpents
  6. Tiphareth - Melachim, Kings
  7. Netzach - Elohim, Gods (feminine plural)
  8. Hod - Beni Elohim, sons of Gods
  9. Yesod - Kerubim, the Strong
  10. Malkuth - Ashim, Souls of Fire

Angels and Enocian

According to the system of Enochian magic the language of the angels is Enochian.

Angels as a modern symbolism

When summoning spirits of concepts for help it is possible to summon them in an angel aspect. When summoned in this way they tend to seek to aid because it is in their nature rather than through bargaining or coercion. However they are also often proud and may insist on the summoner's purity, or try to hold the summoner to their own ethical systems. This is more often true of summoned warriors.

An example would be summoning the angel of transport to seek aid in making a long journey without mishap, or the angel of plumbing to help with a leaky pipe.