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4 - Chesed
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About this image
Position in the Tree of Life
Keyword Mercy
Name of God El (God (masculine singular)
Archangel Tzadkiel, Benevolence of God
Order of Angels Chasmallim, Brilliant Ones
Tarot Cards Fours
Symbol Tzedek (Jupiter)
  1. deep violet
  2. blue
  3. deep purple
  4. deep azure flecked with yellow
Animal horses
Gods Zeus, Jupiter, Posiedon, Indra, Thor
Scent Cedar

Chesed is the Fourth Sephiroth in the kabalistic Tree of Life.

Other names: Gedulah - glory, love, The Farmlands of Work

The Fourth Path is called the Cohesive or Receptive Intelligence because it contains all the Holy Powers, and from it emanate all the spiritual virtues with the most exalted essences. They emanate one from another by virtue of the Primordial Emanation, the Highest Crown, Kether.

— the Sepher Yetzirah