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[god] frequently listed as one of the Lokapalas

Indra, Ruler of Heaven, King of the Gods He represents the power of the thunderbolt, the all-pervading electric energy. This is brought down by rainwater, stored as the semen of all beings. Deity of the sphere of space, dispenser of rain, he dwells in the clouds. Ruler of storms, thrower of the thunderbolt, also cause of fertility, embodiment of virility. As ruler of the sky he is the companion of Vayu, the wind.

There is a trinity of fire: Agni (fire of the earthly world), Indra (thunderbolt, fire of the sphere of space) and Surya (sun, fire of the sky). Indra was made of all other gods and embodies the qualities of all the gods; he can take on any shape. He is the chief of the Maruts, the genii of storm. He is the chief of the regents of space, sometimes considered the ruler of the spheres of the elements, the Vasus.

He stands for action and service but also for the need of force, which leads to power, victory and booty. He leads the warriors and protects them with his thunderbolt and his bow, the rainbow. Indra loves intoxicants and pleasure. He drinks the soma, which he stole from his father, which gives him strength to then perform fabulous deeds. He is famous for his lasciviousness, love affairs and art of seduction. His size is prodigious. His colour is golden or tawny like that of the horses drawing his car. Sometimes he is shown riding a white horse or an elephant (Airavata), thunderbolt in his right hand. The thunderbolt was made from the bones of a seer (Dadhici) and is shaped like a mace. The thunderbolt stands for the penis. His weapons are a hook, a noose, and the bow of victory, i.e. the rainbow (Indra-dhanus), a sword and a conch. His main weapon is magic.

(description by Lila Durga)