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Agni is a [god] frequently listed as one of the Lokapalas

Agni, lord of fire The world perceptible to man is divided into three spheres: Earth, Space and Sky; the earthly world of men, the spatial world of spirits and the celestial world of deities. The lord of fire, having divided himself into three, abides in these worlds, causing all gods to rest on his rays. The earth is the dwelling place of fire, which is an instrument of power. There is also the divinity of fire, i.e. ritual fire.

Agni is born whenever a fire is lit, especially a sacrificial fire. Agni is the mediator between man and gods. He presides over all sacraments, all great events of life. Worshipping Agni, one gains the brilliance of intelligence, of strength, health and beauty. The science of fire is the key to all knowledge. Agni is the power of inner as well as outer illumination, the power of knowledge and perception. He is the lord of knowledge. He is adorned with flames and dressed in black. His standard is smoke. He is accompanied by a ram and sometimes rides it. He sometimes sits in a chariot drawn by red horses. 7 winds are the wheels of his car. 7 tongues lick butter poured as offerings. Strongly built, with a large belly, Agni is red, with golden-brown moustache, hair and eyes. Seated on a ram, he holds a rosary and a sphere. He has 7 tongues of fire. Some of his names are All-Possessor, Purifier, Burning, Rich-in-light, multicoloured, Gold-Maker, Flickering.

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