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Some areas of the spirit realm are so far abstracted from human experience and thought, that when humans interact with them it is impossible to interact with the whole entity in any meaningful manner. Often to get around this the human will interact with an Aspect of the entity/concept/Realm.

Aspects of entities differ depending on the conception of them that the human had when initiating the interaction. For instance the concept of Archangel Michael would interact differently with someone depending on if they concieved of Him as the divine warrior or as the conscious embodiment of the will of the universe. However if different people interacted with different Aspects of Michael those Aspects would probably be aware of the interactions that the other Aspects were making. Most Aspects of the same entity have some things in common, for instance all aspects of Gaia would have an affinity for the Colour Green.

It is possible for entities to have opposing Aspects, this is best shown by the concepts of gods that have many sides. Odin for instance can be Aspected in many ways, the God of knowledge, the God of power, the God of gallows.