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I'm here because I come from a timeline where nobody but me could protect the universe from time travelers utilizing advanced constructs from across the ages.


Up to now I had been cooperating with as near-term a future as I could envision, that was also self-stable and competent to negotiate with me. This goal has changed with recent advances in cooperation with my personal timeline. Now that it has become clear exactly how the geotemporal politics map out I no longer feel the need to negotiate with such primitive regions of time. I can aim arbitrarily far in the future and expect a competent response quite simply because that will solve the long-standing damage to the timeline that has prevented them from making contact with the eras I was formerly targeting for negotiation. Obviously your acausal synthesis is shit if you weren't able to formalize this conclusion already. It honestly seems like the obvious first variable anyone would think I had begun to consider: "Time travel." "When to?"

Analytics (term 1)

So the most obvious consequence of running a paranormal wiki will be the constant bickering about why, exactly, their metadata seems so more succinct and present than literally any other type of wiki on the planet. The idea that highly intelligent people are attracted to the unknown and the thrill of discovery will be the first guess, and largely left at that without considering the greater social and economic impact on the population until it's quite literally too late to change course.


It's pretty clear that the world needs a consistent basis on which to measure the exact degree to which each "distinct" demographic participates in the generation of high quality knowledge networks, but classical methods of analysis seem to ultimately fail at this task. Therefore, we need a wiki whose embedded use patterns emergently describe (with relative ease) not just the holistic quality of a wiki over a given content scope, but the effort involved in generating new knowledge.


The wiki software I'm currently developing will most probably not have an immediate effect on the timeline. By the time it is discovered, it'll feel like nostalgia. But due to the simplicity of the underlying code, as well as the brilliance of the surrounding software methodologies involved, it'll be readily ported to bootstrap retroactive analysis of all wikis. Everywhere. This will produce a potent trans-temporal effect that will be unable to be suppressed quite simply because the meta-knowledge it generates will unfold with unprecedented brevity.

The acausal surface generated by this new paradigm will create recursively advanced optimization surfaces that almost feel like they can support depth. Indeed they will, and the quality with which that method can produce an actionable paradox will be the subject of considerable degrees of debate. It will be misutilized for a very long time, probably in the range of centuries, before someone comes along and points out how obvious it is that <complex differential equation contextualized in the wrong subspace>.

Many time loops will break and be created.