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Scorpio ♏
Dates -
Quality [[quality::Fixed]]
Element [[Water|Water ]]Property "Element" (as page type) with input value "water|Water" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.
Birthstone [[Topaz|Topaz]]
Metal [[[]][[[]]Iron[[]]][[]]]
Color [[Blue-green or Turquoise|Blue-green or Turquoise]]
Direction [[Southwest|Southwest]]
Major Arcana [[Death|Death]]
Geomantic figure [[Rubeus|Rubeus]]
Apostle [[Philip|Philip]]
Ruling [[Mars or Pluto (planet)|Mars or Pluto]]
Exalted [[Pluto (planet)|Pluto]]
Detrimental [[Venus (planet)|Venus]]
Name Akrab ("scorpion", OQRB, 327)
Letter [[hebrew letter::Nun]]
Path 24
Archangel [[Barkiel (263)|Barkiel (263)]]
Angel [[Saitzel (202)|Saitzel (202)]]
Qlippoth [[Necheshthiron (The Brazen Ones|Necheshthiron (The Brazen Ones]], from Necheshthi, "coppery, brassy", 1674 or 1024)
Tribe [[Dan|Dan]]
Mystic number 300
Minor Arcana
Demons by Day
Demons by Night

Scorpio is a Zodiac sign associated with intensity, sexual prowess, knowledge, and secrets. Its lords of triplicity by day and night are Bethchon (1126 or 476) and Sahaqnab (217), respectively. The angel ruling the 8th house is Sosul (162).

Angel (Decanate) Angel (Quinance) Goetic Demons (Day) Goetic Demons (Night) Tarot
Kamotz (966 or 156) Luviah (57) Ipos (396) Avnas or Amy (707 or 57) Five of Cups
Pahaliah (130)
Nundohar (325) Nelakiel (131) Aim (611 or 51) Oriax or Orias (1117 or 307) Six of Cups
Yeyayel (61)
Uthrodiel (657) Melahel (106) Naberius (252) Naphula or Vapula (166) Seven of Cups
Chahaviah (34)