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of Hell's Electorate "Astronomer"
AKA Ornias, Oriax
Gender Male ♂
Legions 30
Number 21, 25, 27, 12, 32, 18, 19, 27
Element Air 🜁
Metal Silver ☽
Planet Moon, Saturn ♄
Zodiac Scorpio ♏

Orias (also spelled Oriax) is a marquis of hell, a dark and black-hearted predator who holds dominion over transformation, prediction, sadism, prophecy, destruction, astrology, lust for death, honors, blood magic, and the location of treasure. He teaches disciples to cast away unnecessary compassion and harden one's heart against phobias and social rejection, as well as the virtues of the stars and the mansions of the planets, astrology, necromancy, and divination. He can bestow the ability to see auras and spirits, enhance perception, make one more analytical, impart vampyric power, give dignities, grant the favor of friends and foes, helps improve physical fitness, increases will power, and can metamorphose a man into any shape. He rules armies of succubi and incubi.

Orias is traditionally depicted as a lion with the tail of a serpent or a man with the face of a lion riding a horse and holding two serpents in his right hand. He has appeared to others as a viscious-looking man in black street clothes with pure white flesh, clawed hands, two big, red eyes with orange pupils, and a lipless, fanged mouth. Orias has also appeared as a male African pinning a lion down and holding hissing snakes in his other hand.[1]


John R. King IV said that Oriax explained that his name meant "ARY-ATz" which refers to a method of "hunting lions by waiting in a tree."



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