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Silver crystal.jpg
Chemical 47Ag
Alchemical Crescent.svg
Element Water
Zodiac Cancer
Planet Moon
Stone Crystal

Silver is a metal strongly associated with the moon. As such, it's closely linked to emotions and the unconscious mind, as well as receptivity, reaction and reflection. It's a magically neutral, high level conductor, carrying all things both ways. Silver absorbs energy but doesn't store it, which makes it into a very good metal for magical charms that need to flow and work on a continuous basis and without needing to be cleaned.[1]

Silver is psychic-inducing, used for scrying, improves fertility, and can attract wealth. As a protective charm, silver reflects negativity and guards travelers, especially at sea. Wearing silver on the full moon may make some people feel emotionally overwhelmed. At other times in the moon's cycle, silver can calm and help keep thoughts and emotions in line.[2]

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