Major Arcana

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The Major Arcana is the set of 22 cards from the Tarot card game. They serve as trump cards.


These are the correspondences as detailed by Paul Foster case. They are usually used with the Rider Waite deck and its clones and draw heavily on Golden Dawn material. Note that this is not the only possible correspondence system.

Name Hebrew letter Value Meaning Colour Note
The Fool Aleph 1 Ox Pale yellow E
The Magician Bet 2 House Yellow E
The High Priestess Gimel 3 Camel Blue G#
The Empress Dalet 4 Door Green F#
The Emperor Hei 5 Window Red C
The Hierophant Vav 6 Nail or hook Red-Orange C#
The Lovers Zayin 7 Sword Orange D
The Chariot Het 8 Fence Orange-Yellow D#
Strength Tet 9 Serpent Yellow E
The Hermit Yodh 10 Hand (open) Yellow-green F
Wheel of Fortune Kaf 20 Hand (closed) Violet A#
Justice Lamed 30 Ox Goad Green F#
The Hanged Man Mem 40 Water Blue G#
Death Nun 50 Fish Blue-Green G
Temperance Samech 60 Prop Blue G#
The Devil Ayin 70 Eye Blue-Violet A
The Tower Pei 80 Mouth Red C
The Star Tsadi 90 Fish-hook Violet A#
The Moon Qoph 100 Back of head Violet-red or violet-indigo B
The Sun Resh 200 Head Orange D
Judgement Shin 300 Tooth Red C
The World Tav 400 Mark Blue-violet or Indigo A

See also


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  • Das Rider-Waite-Tarot Handbuch, by Peter Schöber-Paweska (german)ISBN 3-893385-101-1