The Star

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The Star (ⅩⅦ)
RWD 17 Star.jpg
Type Major Arcana
Position 17 (ⅩⅦ)
Symbol The Star symbol.svg
Letter tsadi צ
Color Violet
Direction South-above
Astrology [[astrological sign::Aquarius]]
Note A♯

A Tarot card.


Rider Waite deck

A naked woman kneels by the water; one foot is in the water, one foot is on the land. Above her head a star shines out. In each hand she holds a jug. From one jug she pours a liquid into the water. From the other jug she pours a liquid onto the land.


revelation, meditation

Align imagination with emotion to gain an emotional insight and build greater mental strength.

Reversed Meaning

Expectations disappointed, barrenness.


  • Links Netzach to Yesod as path number 28 of the Tree of Life
  • Yetziratic Intelligence - the Natural intelligence
  • Organic Time - The Spirit of the Twentieth Century The outcome of the first World War resulted in a shift of power even further to the west. People began to realize another unification was upon them, they vigorously rejoiced in the fresh blood of the world economy and new ways of thought and belief. In the roaring twenties, popular culture saw the flourishing of communist ideologies and the shredding of conventional perspectives.

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