Six of Cups

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Six|06 of Cups
Type Minor Arcana
Symbol 6

Tarot card.


Rider Waite deck

This card looks slightly unusual. The style is slightly different to other cards in the deck.

Two children stand together in a town. The taller one is holding a cup filled with white flowers and appears to be smelling it. The smaller one is looking up at the other and seems happy. The smaller (younger?) child looks slightly odd, as if she has an adult face and a childs body. She is wrapped in warmer and more expensive looking clothes than the taller child.

One cup stands on a small piller behind them and to the left, by the start of a paved path away from them. In the foreground are the other four cups. All the cups contain the same white flowers. In the near background are two buildings, giving the feeling of being in a town. Very few cards show buildings close up, most have them far away on the horizon. Another card set "in town" is the Ten of Pentacles.

On the paved path a man with a spear is walking away. Him and the children do not appear aware of each other, implying a sense of safety and trust.

The while flowers appear to echo the innocence of the whole scene.


Called Pleasure in the Thoth Deck.

Innocence. Giving and sharing. The little good things in life.

This card is assigned to Tiphareth with the element of Water, which gives an idea of golden, balanced emotions.

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