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Virgo ♍
Dates -
Quality [[quality::Mutable]]
Element [[Earth|Earth ]]
Birthstone [[Sapphire|Sapphire]]
Metal [[[]][[[]]Mercury[[ ]](metal)[[|]]Mercury[[]]][[]]]
Color [[Yellow-Green|Yellow-Green]]
Direction [[North|North]], [[below|below]]
Major Arcana [[The Hermit|The Hermit]]
Geomantic figure [[Conjunctio|Conjunctio]]
Apostle [[Andrew|Andrew]]
Ruling [[Mercury (or Chiron) (planet)|Mercury (or Chiron)]]
Detrimental [[Jupiter (planet)|Jupiter]]
Name Betulah ("virgin") (BThWLH, 443)
Letter [[hebrew letter::Yod]]
Path 20
Archangel [[Hamaliel (116)|Hamaliel (116)]]
Angel [[Shelathiel (771)|Shelathiel (771)]]
Qlippoth [[Tzaphiriron (The Scratchers) (1286 or 636)|Tzaphiriron (The Scratchers) (1286 or 636)]]
Tribe [[Naphtali|Naphtali]]
Mystic number 210
Minor Arcana
Demons by Day
Demons by Night

Virgo is a sign of the Zodiac associated with the aspects of unselfishness, modesty, and thoroughness. Its lords of triplicity by day and night are Laslara (321) and Sasia (131), respectively. The angle ruling the 6th house is Veyel (47)

Angel (Decanate) Angel (Quinance) Goetic Demons (Day) Goetic Demons (Night) Tarot
Ananaurah (313) Akaiah (37) Zepar (288) Alloces or Alocas (537 or 57) Eight of Pentacles
Rayadyah (230)
Kehethel (456) Haziel (53) Botis (327) Camio or Caim (731 or 81) Nine of Pentacles
Aldiah (50)
Mishpar (620) Laviah (52) Bathin (1113 or 463) Murmus, Murmur, or Murmux (846 or 286) Ten of Pentacles
Hihayah (95)