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Demon of Poisons
AKA Sab Nac, Sabnac, Sabnach, Sabnack, Sabnacke, Salmac, Savnock
Enn Tasa Sabnock on ca lirach
Gender Male ♂
Color Purple , Silver 
Element Water 🜄, Fire 🜂
Metal Silver ☽
Planet Moon, Mars ♂, Pluto ♇
Zodiac Scorpio ♏
Plant Allspice

Sabnock appears as an armed soldier with a lion's head who rides on a pale horse. He has blue wings with frosted highlights. When summoned, he can provide familiars for protection and company. He can afflict his target with maggot-infested wounds and sores or prevent wounds from healing. He protects by warding off evil attacks. As a demon of war, he builds high castles, towers, and cities, and equips them with weapons and ammunition. He can escalate arguments into serious fights. He also protects the camps of his soldiers while fighting against every invader. He teaches architecture to his disciples.[1]

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