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of Hell's Electorate "Panderer"
AKA Saleos, Zaleos, Zaebos
Chant Serena Alora Sallos Aken, Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Zaleos
Legions 30
Color Red 
Element Earth 🜃, Water 🜄
Metal Copper , Silver ☽
Planet Moon, Venus ♀
Zodiac Libra ♎, Cancer ♋
Plant Star anise, Aster, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose, Orange peel

Sallos (also Zaebos) is a fallen angel, and a duke who appears as a gallant soldier wearing a duke's crown or horned helmet and riding on a crocodile. He promotes love between men and women and speaks authoritatively about the creation of the world.

Though a mighty warrior, he is a "lover, not a fighter". He prefers to encourage love, lust, and pleasure over war, chaos, and violence. He can make people fall in love and can incite lust and true passion in the object of the summoner's desires. Sallos's goal is to encourage relationships and fidelity between partners above all else.[1]

Sallos can aid in shapeshifting into a dragon, bewinged horse, scorpion, unicorn, bull, or serpent. He can repair and fortify the astral double, giving it the ability to repair itself. He is best used for love and lust spells, sanguine vampirism, ensuring fidelity, opening portals, creating defensive thoughtforms, shielding, death magic, scrying, and item enchantment. He may be invoked during marriage ceremonies.[2]

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