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Lord of Luxury
AKA Sitry, Sytri, Sytry, Bitru, Sidragaso, Sidragasum
Enn Lirach Alora vefa Sitri
Gender Male,Female ⚧
Legions 60, 70
Color Blue , Yellow , Red 
Element Earth 🜃, Fire 🜂, Water 🜄
Metal Titanium, Tin ♃, Copper , Plutonium, Lead ♄
Planet Mercury ☿, Pluto ♇, Jupiter ♃, Saturn ♄
Zodiac Pisces ♓, Sagittarius ♐, Cancer ♋

Sitri (aka Sytri, Bitru, and others) is a lust demon, Lord of the infernal dukedom of Lagneia (Greek: λαγνεία, romanized: Lust) and a prince of hell, who appears as a anthropoidal chimera with the head of a cheetah or leopard, the arms and torso of a man, legs of a goat, tail of a scorpion, and wings of a crow. He may be commanded to take on the form of a beautiful but androgynous man. Rarely he will appear as a woman. He commands 70 legions of incubi and emits a fragrance which increases libido in women.

He has an acute intuition that allows him to discover the secrets of women and uses them for ridicule. He encourages all sexual acts regardless of gender, and can incite such passion at will. He is charming and very good with words, and will do anything to persuade one to undress.

Sitri grants courage and imparts a strength of conviction which will obliterate doubt and times of hardship, and he can change the personality in certain ways. He imparts great power and much knowledge concerning nature magic and how to work with elementals. He rules lust, may incite passion, can build attraction, and can incline one to nudity. Bitru presides over sex magick and can create succubitic/incubitic thoughtforms. He can be called on to give passion to any creative endeavor.

In medieval times, Sitri was considered to be the demonic embodiment of human sexuality, and the cause of public nudity and lustful thoughts.[1][2]

In order to summon him, his seal must be made of tin. He's fond of incense, and the best time to summon him is at midnight.[3] He tends to manifest within the incense smoke or scrying mirror.

Caution should be exercised when summoning him, as most accounts portray him as a particularly dark entity, as opposed to most goetic demons who are indifferent to humans. There have been reports of benevolent behavior as well, though.[1]


Atrium Infernalis in Pandemonium mentions that in 1357, he seduced a woman named Sylvia, wife of Günther, a modest merchant in the city of Augsburg in the Duchy of Bavaria. He convinced her to show herself naked before a very large group of clients, with the promise that after this, they would buy everything her husband wanted and at the price that he set. Sylvia, moved by ambition, heeded Sitri and showed himself to them, who dominated by lust, had sex with her. As a result, Günther amassed a fortune, fulfilling Sitri's promise. However, at nine months she conceived a deformed child and died in labor. This legend is published electronically (see external links).

Connection to Set

Sitri may be an alter ego of the Egyptian god Set.[4]

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