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Demon of Filth
AKA Räum, Rauym, Rey, Raim
Gender Male ♂
Legions 30
Color Red , Yellow , Blue , White , Purple , Grey 
Number 37, 45
Element Air 🜁, Fire 🜂
Metal Iron ♂, Silver ☽, Copper
Zodiac Taurus ♉
Plant Dragon's blood, Celandine, Calendula, Buckthorn

Raum pilfers the belongings of the wealthy, incites love between enemies, causes the downfall of the target, aids in legal battles, and imparts endurance and strength of will when the odds are against the summoner. He makes his disciples him more warrior-like and honorable. Raum can help his disciple embrace his individuality and/or dissolve the misconceptions of his self-image. Raum teaches astral transformation, draconic alchemy, and strengthens the psychic senses.

He can erect strong friendships and destroy people’s reputations. He gives aid to those who are trapped in warfare or political conflicts. He can engender horrific wars and bloodshed. He is said to generally manifest as a crow or blackbird and become a man upon request.[1]



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