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Chemical 26Fe
Color Red
Element Fire
Planet Mars
Stone Emerald

Iron is known as the warrior's metal. Iron and steel is used for tools and weapons, for power and defense. In iron we recognize the male and active character of the war god Mars, building and conquering himself a new world.

Iron is a metal often said to impede magic, making it very useful for defense and protection. It attracts luck, enhances physical strength, and is considered to have projective power - active, seeking, blinding, confusing, and guarding. Use as a ward against ghosts and spirits, or for strength, protection, determination, fertility, and beginnings or undertakings.[1]


  • Iron placed at the four corners of the room or the property can be used as protection.
  • Wear an iron ring (especially made from a bent nail) has healing properties.
  • Hammering eight old iron nails into a white candle, then burning the candle while visualizing can give more protection.
  • Iron fences halt the flow of negativity.
  • Hung over the door, an iron horseshoe with at least three of its original nails is protective.
  • Placing a piece of iron beneath the pillow at night helps strengthen the body's ability to defend itself.
  • Iron is used for grounding and for closing the psychic centers. It impedes the flow of energy away from the body.

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