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of Hell's Electorate "Architect",
Revealer of Secrets,
Master of Hidden Things
AKA Barbas
Enn Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Marbas
Gender Male ♂
Legions 36
Color Yellow , Orange , Black , Gold , Silver , Blue-grey 
Number 8
Element Fire 🜂, Air 🜁
Metal Mercury ☿, Tin ♃
Day Wednesday
Planet Mercury ☿, Jupiter ♃
Zodiac Aries ♈, Taurus ♉
Plant Cinquefoil, Anise, Thistle, Chickory, Olive, Tumeric, Juniper, Valerian root

Marbas is a demon of mechanics, Chief Engineer of the infernal plane, and the Superintendent of all its public buildings. He appears as a great lion or wild boar, adopting the form of a human workman wearing an apron when asked. He has also appeared as a humanoid with steely blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, tanned skin, blue-grey horns, blue, grey, and black wings, a black tail, and a toned physique. He appears before Faust in Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis as a ten year old boy named "Marbuel" before being dismissed, though this may have been his twin, the darker of the two.[1][2] Marbas rules over prescience, pendulums, glamor magic, mind tricks, tarot cards, mind reading, crystal balls, and the use of Norse runes in divination. He is capable of both inflicting and relieving illness, and he holds the secret of the Philosopher's Stone. He's said to be capable of change the shape of humans.

Marbuel is known as the Revealer of Secrets and Master of Hidden Things, and he is infamous for manifesting results very quickly. He can also induce lucid dreams. Barbas can improve astral hearing and magical memory, and he can impart the ability to psychically detect unknown locations or missing objects. He rules over good luck and gambling alike. Marbuel is one of the seven Phantoms of Flame as well as the Patron of Artisans, helping them carry out their contracts such that they produce results outside ordinary human ability.

Grimoires praise Marbas for his renowned honesty and helpfulness. He loves children and will enact violence against those who would molest them. His auspices are useful in the endeavors of shielding, warding, banishing, and exorcism. He's a master of all arts who can teach any handicraft or mechanical trade.[3] He may be used to improve the immune system[4] and enhance the study of the mechanics of the human body.[5]

According to the Demon Temple, Marbas is a Solar/Mutilation/Lowborn demon with a unique understanding of the world and health. He is a doctor and a surgeon who enjoys studying diseases, especially ones that rot the flesh and eat away the body. He is familiar with both the physical effects of diseases as well as the energetic layers and how they influence and twist the energies and the physical bodies. He knows how to shift the energies of time to speed up or slow down decomposition. He enjoys taxidermy and dissecting things and preserving them using plastination. He is part of a group of specialized surgeons which includes Uphir and is a wonderful demon to seek council from when one needs guidance in areas of healing disfiguring and horrific diseases.

He enjoys the mechanics of things, taking them apart and putting them back together. He enjoys teaching and helping one to embrace learning and can assist one to increase their memory retention and comprehension. He also enjoys studying how the mind breaks down, diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia, and the relationship between mind and body decay and decomposition.[2]

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