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Chemical 79Au
Alchemical Sun symbol.svg
Element Fire
Zodiac Leo
Planet Sun
Stone Diamond
Letter E

Gold is an element often used in worship of deities. Large altars made of gold can be found around the world. Gold is especially sacred to sun gods and goddesses.

Traditionally, gold knives were used by the Druids to collect herbs. However, owing to the softness of the metal, it is more probable that gold-plated brass or bronze knives were used instead. It was used by alchemists to make Tincture of the Sun. To the Mayans, gold represented the East. Use in spells for wisdom, common sense. Use gold amulets for depression, hallowing, protection, and healing. In most cultures gold is associated with riches, ruler ship and truth. Gold has to do with the core, the most important part of something.[1]

Gold is said to enhance the power of spells and attract wealth. When worn, increase personal power, courage, and confidence. It brings a flow of money into the wearer's life; it's particularly useful for miners and those who invest in precious metals. Worn habitually, gold promotes long life and can help with arthritis. Gold is used in success spells and to get rid of male sexual impotence.


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