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Demon of Knowledge,
Taker of Old Souls
AKA Ronové, Ronobe, Roneve, Ronwe, Ben
Enn Kaymen vefa Ronove
Gender Male ♂
Legions 19
Color Yellow , Violet , Purple 
Element Air 🜁, Fire 🜂
Metal Iron ♂, Tin ♃, Silver ☽
Planet Mars ♂, Jupiter ♃, Moon
Zodiac Sagittarius ♐
Plant Cinnamon

Ronove is a marquis of hell. He is welcoming to those who wish to know more about the demon world, specializing in using the power of language to encourage harmony. He is a master of multiple languages and teaches others how to make their arguments peacefully, logically, and with great eloquence. He has stated to multiple conjurers that instead of trying to pronounce his name (best described as a French version of "Ron-Ven") they should simply call him "Ben".

Ben is a master of mind over matter, such as pyromancy and telekinesis, though he will only teach those most dedicated to his cause. Ronove is known as the "Taker of Old Souls", as he harvests the souls of elderly humans and animals. Despite his humor, Ronove takes this role seriously and considers himself a champion of the dead and nearly-deceased. In older texts, Ronove is shown as a short monster holding a staff, but more recent summonings report that he looks more like a tribal warrior with golden hair and a golden aura about him.[1]

Ronove inspires a comprehension of learning, bringing instinctual knowledge via waking and dreaming of the "Alphabet of Desire", the language of the subconscious which empowers spells and talismans.[2] He can augment one's intellect and impart wisdom and inhuman levels of emotional control. The familiars he grants to his favorite summoners are excellent for the purposes of research, magical tutoring, magical exercises, and practical witchcraft. Ronwe can also bring about the death and destruction of the target, most often through illness and afflictions of the target's internal organs.[3]



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