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Knows Things to Come and Past
AKA Ipes, Anubis, Ayporos, Ayperos, Aiperos, Aypeos
Enn Desa An Ipos Ayer
Legions 36
Color Dark blue , Yellow , Black 
Element Fire 🜂, Water 🜄
Metal Iron ♂, Plutonium, Tin ♃
Planet Jupiter ♃, Mars ♂, Mercury ☿, Pluto ♇, Saturn ♄, Moon
Zodiac Aries ♈, Scorpio ♏, Cancer ♋
Plant Cedar, Rue, Yarrow

Ipos is one of the more mysterious demons. He has an appearance which is difficult to imagine and existing depictions are contradicted by texts, but is always found repulsive. He is described as having the body of an angel, the head of a lion, the tail of a rabbit, and the feet of a goose. He may also appear as a lion or a pale bald anthropoid with black eyes, a crown, black robes, and blue and yellow butterfly wings. Some claim that he is the same entity as Anubis, and in this form he is tan, 8 feet tall, and musclebound, with long straight blonde hair. Alternatively, he may appear with the head of a Jackal.

Ipos is described as a Count or a Prince. He can make shy people confident, boring people interesting, and dullards seem like intellectuals.[1] He imparts decisiveness and self-control, and is said to rule over death, self-development, and divination. He can reconcile friendships, reveal secrets both past and future, discover hidden treasures, and influence decisions.

Ipos rules over ice and snow. He can unbind entities from one's aura and protect or strengthen the subtle body against psychic attack. He specializes in the use and consecration of black mirrors and crystal balls. Triangles are sacred to him.[2]

Ipos has an independent will which should not be violated,[3] however he is a demon of outstanding character, and may be trusted without fear of trickery.[4]



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