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Who Opens All Locks
AKA Surgatha, Aquiot, Aquiel, Artri, Andareth, Sitril
Gender Male ♂
Number 19, 21, 37, 38, 31
Element Air 🜁
Day Sunday
Planet Jupiter ♃, Venus ♀, Black moon

Surgat (Latin: Surgat, lit. 'Rise') appears as a figure in a black cloak with a black longsword, a theomorphic "being" with the head of a bison or ram, or even both simultaneously, though he is a prolific shapeshifter and may appear in a number of other forms. Surgat is a gatekeeper and god of the black moon who presides over numerous Qliphothic and Sephirothic gateways, holding dominion over the most cryptic Qliphothic pathways which only open to those with Chavajoth's approval. He presides over the dissolution of the ego and the mysteries of the Qliphoth. He can expose you to every part of yourself. Surgat rules "nightside rites of power" and "interdimensional work to other realms through portals and gateways".

Surgat can create portals, gateways, nexions, and ripples in the Chaosmos (the primordial precursor to and opposite of the Cosmos). He can teach of shapeshifting the astral double into a lion, a ghoul, a snake, a bear, a two-legged four-winged dragon, a shadowy anthropoid with the energy of Daat, and an anthropoidal dragonfly with red eyes.

Surgat can give instruction or aid in the act of astral projection from dreams. He can strengthen mindfulness, leadership, foresight, decision-making, and organization. He can give instruction for homicide, burglary, and healing, and reveal one's true will.

Surgatha can make people better liars and improve their seduction skills. He has powers pertaining to love, concealment, and sex. Surgatha presides over the evil eye and can assist with divination using runes, pyromancy, ouija boards (which he can consecrate), and hydromancy.

Surgat is useful in rituals to Jotunheim, and he can give assistance and instruction in operations of the magic of Thursatru. That is, he specializes in Thursic magic (include frost giants).

Surgat is knowledgeable regarding Hoodoo, Voudon, Santeria, and Quimbanda. He can strengthen natural psychic defenses and teach mathematics and astronomy. He can help a person acquire friends or cause somebody to lose them, and he can also influence legal matters. Warding, shielding, and egregores are a few other magickal specialties of his. He is very knowledgeable regarding stars, planets, and your true will.

Mountains, crossroads, graveyards, and forests are ideal locations for working with Surgatha. Surgat can open internal pathways within the soul and impart or strengthen the faculties required to interpret one’s dreams. He presides over the black kundalini, subpersonal chakras, and the shadowside chakras – the seven which descend from the pelvis through the feet.

He can open anything which was locked or shut. The Grimorium Verum lists Surgat as one of the 18 demons under Duke Syrach.[1]

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