Pure will meditation

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Pure will meditation is a form of meditation which focuses on the power of individual will and the abstain of any lower mind functions such as thought and imagination.

The human mind has three main functions:

The will is the highest and most powerful function of the human mind.

There are many forms of meditation. Most of these seek to stop the functioning of the thought and the imagination. When these two functions stop, the mind has no activity and is calm. However, it is possible to proceed to another form of meditation during which the power of the will is concentrated and directed wherever you want.

Some forms of meditation try to activate the power of the will through the use of thoughts or imagination (see visualisation). However, only pure will meditation can unveil the full power of your will.

Pure will meditation is not easy and it requires a very calm mind and many years of meditative practice. It can be used to cause change inside yourself or in your environment. It works by directing your will towards a very specific and well-defined goal.


A pure will meditation session does not need to be long. Usually it is much shorter than visualisation meditation or magic rituals.

  • Start your meditation session as usual. If you are new to meditation then please read the main article Meditation.
  • Calm your body. and stop any movements. Calm your muscles.
  • Calm your mind and stop any thoughts.
  • Take care not to allow your imagination to be activated. Stop any imagination.
  • Do not think, do not say anything, do not imagine anything.
  • Ascend to your higher psyche (higher soul) state.
  • At this state you should have no awareness of your physical environment. You may feel a different sense of individuality without the constraints of the ego.
  • Without using your thought, nor your imagination, define your goal. It must be as specific as possible. Do not try to attain unreasonable goals.
  • Without using your thought, nor your imagination, use your powerful will and direct it towards your goal.
  • Descend in your lower psyche (ego) state.
  • Now you should start feeling again your physical environment.
  • Exit meditative state.
  • Open your eyes. You finished.