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Welcome to SourceryForge, the online wiki community aiming to the creation of a free enyclopedia on mysticism, spirituality, magic (k), and anything related! You can help us to make this site better!


Wikis are websites editable by their visitors and their usage is very common method employed by the FOSS (free open source software) community in order to improve efficiency and collaboration.

The first wiki, which is still alive, was developed by [ Ward Cunningham], see and

If you wish to have first-hand experience using a wiki, from the enduser's and contributor's perspective, go to and click the Edit link at the end of the page or follow this link:

Some of the wikis available on the web are Wikipedia, Wikinfo, Wikitravel, and of course SourceryForge.

A wiki site works by using specialised wiki software, such as a server-side PHP script, which stores the site's contents in a database, such as MySQL. There is no need for special software on the user's side, since the wiki allows the visitor change the contents of a page by the means of standard HTML forms which every HTML-compliant web browser can handle. Some wikis allow anonymous editors, while others require registration.

Wikis are employed by the open source and free software community, as well as many corporations, to allow more efficient collaboration between their members. It is a great tool when a group of people want to share information.


Read the Project:Contribute page.
For help with editing, the wiki markup language, and content structures such as categories, have a look at Project:Tutorials.

Finding articles

To find an article, you can search for its title or some words included in its contents. However, many people may prefer browsing, so it is very important for all articles to contain links to related pages (sometimes even uncreated ones, to motivate visitors write more!). Starting browsing from the Main Page and using the links included in each article, you should be able to find the article you are interested to in a reasonable period of time. If not, maybe you can help us to improve the site!

Copying from SourceryForge

All SourceryForge articles are available under the Project:GNU Free Documentation License. Refer to the Project:Copyrights page for details.


Please feel free to participate in our community and exchange messages with other SourceryForge contributors through the talk page which accompanies each article, their user talk pages, or an appropriate page in the sourceryforge namespace.

Have a look at Project:Community Portal to learn more about us, and where to start editing. Discuss guidelines, technical problems and similar issues about the wiki at the subpages of Project:Discussions.

Come to [[Project:Campfire to socialise with your fellow Sourceryforge users, there you can chat about anything you want.

To sign your messages use four tildes (~~~~). The software will automagically replace the four tildes with your username and a timestamp. If you do not have a username, your IP address may be used.


You can register by clicking on the Log in link, entering a username and a password, and optionally an email address and your real name.

Page history

The Page history link which accompany each page shows the changes every user made to a page. If some unregistered users committed changes, they may be identified by their IP addresses.