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Within western esotericism, Microcosm is an alchemical term used to refer to the material plane. It is most often represented by the pentagram and the number 5, though the four-armed Celtic cross is an older version. It only exists as a reflection of it's counterpart, the Macrocosm. "As above, so below", goes the alchemical maxim. As the structures of the large are reflected in the small, so too is the mind of God represented within the mind of each person. Thus, uniting the Microcosm and Macrocosm fulfills the Great Work by unifying the primary duality of existence into the timeless unity of the Absolute.

Microcosm in the context of quantum physics is the atomic and subatomic world where the laws of nature as we know it work in a different and surprising way.

In the microcosm, electrons happen to perform teleportation, that is, they seem to move from point A to point B without traveling the distance A-B.

Many esoteric philosophies and even magic might be explained by quantum principles. A good book on this subject is "The Tao of Physics" by Fritjov Capra, ISBN 1570625190.

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