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Manipulation is the act of using words, tones, imagery, psychic powers and subliminal messages to change or influence something or someone's behavior or will. Although obvious in it's context, a lot of manipulation today has become non-verbal which means that the manipulator will use mental powers through what is known as Black Magick to change behaviors and the will of people. This act is usually in the favor of the manipulator of gaining an economical, social or political advantage over the victim so that the manipulator can continue to manipulate or find new victims.


A manipulator works constantly every day to maintain his manifested world. This eventually forces the manipulator to retort to lying, persuasion, physical abuse and bullying, and sometimes sexual assault. The manipulator will usually have a grim history of an abusive father or mother, bullying classmates and a small sized group of friends that he or she can hang out with. The people that the manipulator identifies as friends, might actually be victims of his scheme and are just unknowing of the plot that is going on. The manipulator often targets nice, morally just and helping people as victims, because they are the easiest to manipulate due to their helping personality.

Manipulators will often tell that they do not care or that they support immoral acts and can many times agree that it is acceptable to have sex with minors or to rape women. Some times they will have no respect for other peoples' liberties as individuals, and will claim that they should just accept the situation they are in so that manipulators can continue the abuse.

Although not working in a group or a known society, manipulators will often side with or help each other unknowingly to pursue their goals. This means that a manipulator influencing a victim, may unknowingly introduce a new friend through manipulation, that turns out to be a similar person like the manipulator itself. This strengthens the original intended manipulation, while the new manipulator starts working on the same victim, eventually breaking the victim down emotionally and psychologically.

Although not confirmed, manipulators seem to be able to jump or manifest between people as a kind of possession. They intuitively hear what people say or read people's thoughts unconsciously. This further strengthens their manipulation because their gut feeling can tell if they are about to get caught or when people actively takes distance from them. It is common that a manipulator reestablish contact with the victim just 30 days after the last time the manipulator had contact. They feel when the connection is about to loosen and will immediately jump on a phone to call or text the victim to get the connection back.

A victim that is affected by a manipulator can show many signs from the manipulator that manifests as personality, face expressions, way of walking, way of talking and much more. It is commonly referred to as "not being one self" when a manipulator is most active and the victim's behavior can borderline on Psychosis and Schizophrenia. The victim may pull jokes that resemble ones that the manipulator does or talk in the same kind of tone, even though the person observing the acts knows that the victim never acts like that. Some people can even see the manifested manipulator in the victim while looking at the victim's face or body. The victim can sometimes see it in pictures taken from those days the manipulator were active, because the manipulator's face expressions stick to the victim like a ghost image. The victim may think: "I looked a lot like my grandmother that day" or "That expression is usually from that person".

In some cases, the manipulator can also change old and deep opinions that the victim normally have. A victim having liberal ideas in politics may just change opinion and align with the political ideology that the manipulator have. It is not uncommon for the manipulator to be a socialist or communist because they lack the respect for individuality. The manipulator may also change sexual and gender affections of the victim. The victim may believe that he or she is attracted to the opposite sex or lean towards bisexuality during periods where he or she is manipulated the most. In worst cases, pedophile urges may spring within the victim and an attraction to children is felt. It is highly recommended that the victim rejects these ideas since pedophilia is caused by an underdevelopment of the pituitary gland which most manipulators have. The victim will easily notice that when he or she goes on a vacation or change environment, for more than 30 days, the urges and different opinions disappear.

Typical victims

The most usual victim of manipulation are people that are very nice and considerate of others. This type of person will most likely go to extreme lengths to help others before helping him-/herself. Typically, the manipulator states to this kind of victim that he or she requires help. This can range from any type of situation where the manipulator needs money to pay a bill, buy food or fill in forms at a government office. When the victim then accepts to help the manipulator, the game starts. Now the manipulator will pull in the opposite direction than what he asked to be helped with. All of a sudden, the victim will find him-/herself in the exact same problems or difficulties as the manipulator, not being able to pay bills, can't find things in the home, can't remember things clearly or have troubles balancing the economy.

The most common trait of the manipulator will be that he or she cannot change or be changed. The manipulator will insist on stagnating in his spiritual or personal development without reason, giving excuses that everything that has happened in the past has defined him or her as the person he or she is today. The victim then tries to help the manipulator like a therapist, usually many hours per day and many days per week, to fix the problem. Meanwhile, the manipulator only drains the energy of the victim and projects his or her problems onto the victim so that the manipulator can continue living as it were.

The victim may also have opened and activated the chakras of the body, making him or her subject to the aura attachments that exists spiritually.

The victim may also have a diagnosis like Asperger's syndrome, ADD, ADHD and more, that will pose as a physical limitation of seeing the manipulation when it's happening.


It is unknown how manipulators are taught or learn the methods to manipulate others, but most of them share a common trait of having a vivid and lucid imagination that they've developed during their younger years. Some manipulators have a very active Third Eye and some even have the spiritual ability to Remote View with ease. This leads to the assumption that their pituitary and pineal gland are developed far beyond that of the average person. It is common that these people lack moral sense and will usually go to extreme lengths to secure their dominance over their victims, usually to the point where they fall into depression and need to take special medication. Since the main goal of their manipulation is to project their own problems unto others as to avoid having to deal with it themselves, a lot of manipulators will be manic and depressive a large portion of their wake daily life.

Schools of spirituality and the occult, speaks of manipulation in some chapters regarding the ease of transition when dying, when describing black magick and through non-physical healing. In Buddhism, in the book The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, manipulation is described when the author visits dying men and women, and how they project the teachings of the spiritual unto their souls before passing away. In satanism, voodoo and in the occult, manipulation is described as the planting of a seed in someone's mind and then watch it as it grows to a tree. It can easily be used to manifest a negative and suffering reality for the victim which leads to all kinds of bad effects. Positive manipulation is usually the counter method to remove and prevent the black magick method, thus a lot of therapists, psychologists and contacts knows these methods and use them daily.

Endocrine Gland development

One possible theory on why manipulators are made is that of the under- or over-development of the endocrine glands, especially the pituitary gland. A manipulator will usually have some kind of health problem with their body, either being very thin and bottomless or overweight and have huge problems loosing weight. Due to the pituitary gland being affected by the diet and its size in the turkish saddle, it removes the sense of morality from the person. But the development of the pituitary gland does not always affect the person's mental power, so the manipulator may still use his mental power to affect other people, regardless of diet and size.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

As demonstrated by the hypnotist and stage magician Darren Brown[1]. By touching people with "magnetic hands", the manipulator can use synchronization, body language, certain trigger words to establish dominance over the victim. The victim will then subconsciously favor an opinion or an action that the manipulator programs and wants, and the victim then executes it over a certain period of time, unless the victim takes precaution and start working on spiritual meditations or activate the brain consciously. The programming can last for days and weeks depending on the strength and repetitiveness of the manipulation.

Possible victims should take note of how they are touched during conversations. Normally, you shake hands or hug once, but after that, shoulder patting or excessive pokes or laying of hands on the body should be alarming. Immediately after you part with a possible manipulator, you should also take notice of how you feel in your whole body. If you suddenly feel pains, headaches, shifting of focus and consciousness, sexual urges, craving for food and become tired when you know you should be full of energy, that person is then most likely using NLP manipulation.

Law of attraction

A possible theory for how the manipulation works is found by understanding the Law of attraction from [citation needed]. In LOA, the person intends and wish for a future by using his imagination and imaginary senses to believe and perceive a future where the wish is possible. It is possible that manipulation of people is a form of LOA because using LOA would yield the same results as a manipulator would get, but without the cord attachments on the aura.

Alien connections

Many victims that claim that they have been abducted by alien life forms, has later found out that they have the same cords connected to their body as the occult schools describe aura cord connections to be. This could mean that alien abductions are actually human interventions or that aliens posses the same ability to mental powers as humans.

Demonic possession

When bluffing and telling a manipulator that you know all of his or her secrets, they will be very scared, as if they were caught red handed. If you tell a manipulator that a medium can help them, in exchange for learning their secrets, the manipulator will be surprised that anyone would come to know their secret. This could be a possible theory that manipulators somehow have something dark or secret within them that creates the manipulating behavior. Or it could simply mean that the manipulator holds secrets like being a closet pedophile or homosexual.

Methods of defense

There's not much a person can do against already manifested manipulation except for very few personal rituals. Visiting a therapist will help temporarily for a short period of time, until the manipulator gets back at it. Therefor, the only solid and effective method of preventing it, is to cut ties with these people and denounce them forever. After roughly 30 days, the cords and manipulation connected to the aura of the victim will slowly fade away until it becomes like you've never met the person. Meeting the person occasionally from time to time, can respark the connection and the cords if the manipulator desire to do so. So there is no benefit for anyone to approach these people, because eventually doctors and therapists will avoid them like the plague itself. The manipulator may eventually realize the extent of its actions during this time in his or her life, but do not hold high expectations for these people, as the victim's intention to help will only fuel the manipulators' actions and the cycle will begin again.

One effective way to counter manipulators on a daily basis is to logically refute whatever they say. By scolding a manipulator and making them realize that they are wrong, the manipulator will be at an emotional disadvantage and will not be able to uphold the mental activity. But after 2-3 hours, the manipulator will have forgotten about it, and will then proceed to manipulate. These hours are best used creating distance between the victim and the manipulator.

It is also recommended that you read about Left and Right Hemisphere Conspiracy and use one of the methods for activation if you think that you are a victim of manipulation.

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