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An apple is a large fruit with coloring between yellow, green, and red. In some systems, they're called the "Fruit of the Underworld" and the "Fruit of the Gods". The Greek goddess Eris is known for having a golden apple of chaos.

A feminine wood. Draws off the element of earth and water. This wood seeks a companion of passion and good nature. One seeking to cause harm to others should not choose this wood. It is used for healing, love spells and remedial magic, as the wood itself is used in many medicinal practices. This wood also seeks a wielder of divine conquests and fortune-telling. Excellent for Divination.[1]

The wood of an apple tree is a powerful wood of choice for a witch when working with the fairy magic. Apple is a good wood for aiding in the propagation of skills, often used in love magic. Apple wood promotes peace and harmony, magic of light and the divine, and promotes visions. The apple tree is also known as Silver Brough, Silver Branch, and a Tree of Love.

The apple wand has a feminine energy and is symbolic of fertility, peace, plenty, and joy. It's a tree that is sacred to Venus and the Celtic goddess Rhiannon. Apple is a staple food of the elven and fairy realm.[2]

Love, Garden Magic, Immortality, Friendship, Healing. Place seven apple seeds in a bag with Orris Root to attract sexual love. Use in rituals to give honor to gods and goddesses of fertility. Considered the food of the dead, which is why Samhain is called the 'Feast of Apples'. Symbolizes the soul and is burned at Samhain in honor of those who will be reborn in the spring. When doing a house blessing, cut an apple in half -- eat half and put the other half outside of the home as an offering.[3]