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Welcome to, your resource for anything creepy or paranormal.

As a source of information, we want to make this wiki a place where topics are talked about comprehensively, and objectively.

Be sure to check out the library for any paranormal, occult, or esoteric PDFs collected by the admin!

Guide for Editors

If you are unsure of how to use this wiki, either ask specific questions in the currently active thread, or click edit on a completed page that has the element you want to add, and copy that formatting to your page with the applicable information. Modeling your pages after already existing ones is a good way to learn how to edit and work with pages. To create a page, type the name of the page (or category by beginning with "Category:") you want to create in the search bar. You will then see a red link telling you that it doesn't exist - click the red link and begin your page. Also be sure to look at the layout of several pages and categories to determine what is best in keeping with the wiki's organization. Do not just paste an article from another site without editing it and adding categories.

See the different resources listed below for applicable and useful information. Use the To-do List to brainstorm article ideas or to claim a page that you're working on - take a look and see if you can contribute anything. Remember to make articles as comprehensive, objective, and unbiased as possible and where applicable. It would also be a good idea to link archived threads and links to appropriate resources in certain pages. Also remember to proofread your articles for common misspellings and mistakes.

Remember to add categories for all pages by putting [[Category:category name]] at the bottom. This is important so that not only will people be able to find the article, but also so that context for it can be established for both readers and future editors. In the same vein, be as comprehensive as possible, adding as many categories as appropriate for articles. A problem we've been seeing on here repeatedly is the creation of categories that are singular when they need to be plural (i.e. "Sign of Zodiac" instead of the more appropriate "Zodiac signs", or "Cryptid" instead of the more appropriate "Cryptids"), are inappropriate for a topic (see next sentence), and that use incorrect spelling or grammar. Be sure to avoid this, and to use only category names/categories that represent a topic oriented approach. For example, instead of making a category "Christian" or "Freemason", make it "Christianity" or "Freemasonry". If you see an error in a potential category, please correct it rather than making it as is. Make use of Subcategories if needed. For example, if something falls under Occult but also fits as a category, make it a subcategory for Occult. It can be easily judged whether or not something needs a subcategory. All you need to do is think about your proposed category. For example, say you propose a category for "Toys". Such a category has the potential to hold content relevant to the wiki, but a toy is an object, and "Objects" fits more appropriately as a general topic, with "Toys" as a subcategory. To make a subcategory, simply make a category page, and put that page under another category as you normally would (i.e. create the category "Toys" and go to the newly created "Objects" category and put [[Category:Toys]] at the bottom of the "Objects" category page). Please check within the categories to find out if such subcategories exist. If you make a new category, please make sure it doesn't already exist, and make sure that if they do, your additions specifically match the already existing categories to avoid duplicates.

Remember also to add {{stub}} to pages that need more information.

Remember to add references to your articles. If you've got information, it had to have come from somewhere. Use the <ref></ref> tags. Then create a reference section with == References == and put the <references/> tag under it.

Additions to pages are welcome and appreciated, but check the To-do List to make sure no one else is working on it. If you end up moving the contents of one page to another (or find that a page or category is no longer needed), add it to Category:Articles for deletion. If you notice spam in the changes history, add it to the spam category.

If you want to start or join a discussion about a particular page, you can access the page's talk page via the Talk or Discussion tab. Generally, subreplies should have one more indentation (colons at the start of a line) than the upper level reply. You can sign a post with four tildes (~~~~) to automatically generate a username and timestamp, though that's not necessary. Discussions can be used to more easily coordinate the editing of pages.


  • Project:Todo - Articles to be added - feel free to contribute and add to this list.
  • Category:Articles for deletion - Articles that require deletion by an admin. Pages or categories may be added here if their contents have been moved elsewhere and there is no longer a need for them, or if they need to be changed in some way.
  • Category:Spam - Use this to let admins know about pages that are spam and need deletion.
  • Chanarchive - This was the old archive (formerly 4chanarchive), where users submitted archival requests for specific threads across all of 4chan's boards. It is currently dead (redirects to Encyclopedia Dramatica), but some threads can be accessed through the Wayback Machine(Note: pages 10 - 15 do not work here and most images are unavailable. You can also use the Wayback Machine for 4chanarchive, which has retained threads in a cleaner format, though there are NSFW ads).
  • archive.4plebs - Current automatic thread archive, to reference use this format: [[x-4plebs:topic id]]
  • /x/'s Sticky - Contains /x/ related links that have been commonly posted over the years. Some of these may eventually become their own articles. - now that the whole sticky is available here, the wiki is a good candidate for a replacement Sticky.

Categories (A-Z)

Note, please use the above categories or create your own for page additions to this section. Adjust as needed, but keep things organized.

Namespaces has a few special namespaces (anything of the form ...:...) made specifically for the paranormal. Thus far these are:

  • Experiments - Used to archive data for experiments run by users to try to demonstrate or experiment with the paranormal.
  • Experiences - Used to archive paranormal experiences users have.
  • Ritual - Archive specifications for a ritual

Further Reading

  • Lost Media Wiki - Contains information and progress related to lost and found media of different types, known to exist or not.
  • Creepypasta Wikia - Contains several creepypastas. Some have origins in /x/, while others were created as they became popular on a more mainstream level. Quality varies. To reference, use this format: [[creepypasta:name]]