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So, with the lack of interest and inevitable problems pertaining to bias, objectivity, and incompleteness with information being available elsewhere online, I'm proposing we use this wiki strictly for board related things. I don't know what the admins' original intent of the wiki section of this site was, and I know this a bold thing to propose, but I'm not seeing how the wiki as is will ever reach a state of organization and overall success. I'd argue that for this kind of content it would be better to stick to organized lists of YouTube links, wikis, music, etc. (and of course keep the bookmark dump and Massive /x/ Dump) with short descriptions, rather than detailed information about certain things/principles that people can find on their own. Obviously, this is up to the few people who still have interest in this project, and I'd like some feedback/ideas/opinions.

No. It's a paranormal wiki, which necessarily includes /x/ related happenings. Most of its content is general paranormal, so it'd be insane to dump all of that to focus on /x/ specifically. Despite what impression you may have gotten from the /x/ wiki thread, /wiki/ was not made for /x/. It existed months before it was posted there, and was only considered eligible because /x/ is, by Parachan's definition, paranormal, and thus literally anything that might be put in an /x/-specific wiki can also be put in /wiki/.