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This is a list of any music which is creepy, unsettling, or paranormal, including both those with articles and external links. For the category for articles about music, see Category:Music. For artists that generally fit the above criteria, use the Projects section. If the criteria don't really fit the artist/project/band in general, but do apply to either single songs, albums, or even labels, use the Songs, Albums, or Labels sections.

Projects (Bands, Solo Work, etc.)

  • Christian Cosmos - Dark Ambient Industrial Electronic side project of Dominick Fernow dealing with Christianity
  • Current 93 - Neo-folk/noise/industrial project of David Tibet. LAShTAL deals with Esotericism, while albums after deal with death, Christianity, and Nihilism. Recent albums deal with Christianity and David's conversion to it. I Have a Special Plan for This World and She Took Us to Places Where the Sun Sets are often posted in creepy threads. Note, the albums of the 2000s are very different in sound from the 80s - 90s work of Current 93.
  • Diamanda Galas - Notable for her "vocal terror" and near five and a half octave range (Wikipedia).
  • Exploring Jezebel - Harsh noise project from Hospital Productions that explores femdom/malesub sexual themes, complete with NSFW artwork for the aesthetic value.
  • Force Publique Congo - Noise project from Hospital Productions exploring the struggles of the Congolese people at the hands of Belgium.
  • Infrastructure Zero - Noise project from Hospital Productions that sounds like a combination of being drowned in muck and resurfacing above polluted waters, and working in rusty, submarine environments.
  • Korpses Katatonik - Pre Zero Kama Noise Industrial project by Michael DeWitt.
  • Lapis Niger - Ritual Electronic project dealing with the Yazidi religious community and Islam.
  • LAShTAL - Mysterious Italian ritual/industrial group from the early 1980s
  • Lussuria - Dark Ambient
  • Nicole 12 - Harsh noise project of Mikko Aspa that explores the sexualizing of underage girls, and violent pedophilic tendencies.
  • Nurse With Wound - Experimental Noise Industrial project of Steven Stapleton.
  • Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Dark Ambient side project of Dominick Fernow dealing with witchcraft and superstition in Papua New Guinea
  • Secret Chiefs 3 - Band led by Trey Spruance. It is split into seven sub-bands that perform a wide variety of genres influenced by eastern musical systems among other genres. Conceptually deals with alchemy, Islamic esotericism, Christian esotericism, Gnosticism, and Pythagorean mathematics.
  • Silvester Anfang - Ritualistic psychedelic folk-rock-drone from Belgium - later became Sylvester Anfang II
  • Throbbing Gristle - Pioneers of the Industrial genre - coined the term to describe their music. Slug Bait is often posted on /x/ in creepy threads.
  • Vatican Shadow - Industrial Techno side project of Dominick Fernow dealing with conspiracy, militant religious terrorism, and war.
  • Zero Kama - Early ritual industrial project of Michael DeWitt (Nekrophile Records). The Secret Eye of L.A.Y.L.A.H. was allegedly recorded with instruments made of human bones.




  • Nekrophile Rekords - Old record label from the 80s run by Michael DeWitt that specialized in occult/ritual industrial releases.
  • Hospital Productions - Label run by Dominick Fernow that specializes in noise/industrial releases (with other genres such as black metal). Many of the releases follow specific concepts, and focus on that and aesthetics as a large part of each piece of work.