Jump to navigation Jump to search has the Experience namespace for archiving paranormal experiences. Note that it's only for user experiences which aren't considered noteworthy enough for their own article in the mainspace.

The namespace was added both for entertainment and the hope that user experiences will help highlight trends in activity and give leads/inspiration for further research.

To browse experiences, see Special:AllPages


As the Experience namespace should hold nothing but anecdotes, which aren't typically given much weight as evidence, experiences should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if the author is entirely convinced, this doesn't guarantee that their interpretation of their experience is correct. There are always alternative interpretations, and some instances may unintentionally exclude details which would cause readers to interpret the circumstances differently.

Role playing

While role playing isn't expressly forbidden (in part because of how hard it would be to enforce), users are encouraged to limit the Experience namespace to solely paranormal experiences perceived as real by the user. If you wish to RP (role play), we strongly suggest you do so somewhere else. For this reason, it's also suggested that users avoid adding the experiences of others to the Experience namespace, as they may unintentionally be misinforming others.