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Wikimancy is a modern form of form of divination similar to bibliomancy.

As with most divination techniques, start by forming a question. For preference an open ended and non-leading question. See phrasing questions for divination. Of course, you can use a ritual, meditation or some other trance technique to enhance the experience.

Then click the Random Page link and see what you get...

Like with most divination methods, the results may require interpretation. Be open minded and listen to your intuition on that.

Eusebia's sourceryforge rite

What you will need other than a computer with an internet connection depends entirely on your tastes and habits.

Part one

  • Your question should be about spirituallity / self improvement /magick
  • tidy up the computer table, set up any altar equipment you see fit to give some dignity to the scene, or none at all
  • banish, if you feel it's necessary
  • use whatever technique to reach gnosis you fancy; ideally, do what you would do bevore doing more ordinary divination
  • hit Random Page
  • Read the article you get. Let your intuition tell you what that means to you
  • banish, or find some other dignified end for the rite

Part two

  • Do further research about the topic. What else can you discover that's useful for you?
  • If you got something practical, consider trying it out
  • improve the article
  • observe the changes this brings

I hope this doesn't count as working in the wiki, which is forbidden by the rules here.

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