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The Water Master
AKA Separ, Vephar
Gender Female ♀
Legions 29
Color Black 
Element Water 🜄
Metal Mercury ☿
Plant Mugwort

Vepar is a demon who appears as a mermaid or a warrior woman and has power over the sea. She guides the waters and battleships and creates phantom ships. When commanded, she raises storms at sea. She can cause a person to die in 3-5 days of wounds that putrefy and become filled with maggots; a person can only be healed of this with diligence. Vepar can instruct a person on how to levitate, particularly over water. Despite her fierce reputation, she's affable, warm and approachable, remaining relaxed and focused in or out of battle.[1][2][3]


Those who wish to summon Vepar should do so at night, preferably in the open air. They should also burn black candles and carry mugwort, which is also known by the slang term "sailor's tobacco".[1]

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