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Third eye chakra
Color Indigo
Rank 6
Petals 2
Deities Hakini

Ajna is the sixth primary chakra according to the Indian Tantric tradition (Shakta).


Ajna is positioned at the eyebrow region and it has two petals.

The meaning of the word Ajna is command.

Alternative names

  • Tantra: Ajita-Patra, Ajna, Ajna-Pura, Ajna-Puri, Ajnamhuja, Ajnapankaja, Bhru-Madhya, Bhru-Madhya-Chakra, Bhru-Madhyaga-Padma, Bhru-Mandala, Bhru-Mula, Bhru-Saroruha, Dwidala, Dwidala-Kamala, Dwidalambuja, Dwipatra, Jnana-Padma, Netra-Padma, Netra-Patra, Shiva-Padma, Triweni-Kamala
  • Vedas (late Upanishads): Ajna, Baindawa-Sthana, Bhru Chakra, Bhruyugamadhyabila, Dwidala
  • Puranic: Ajna, Dwidala, Trirasna

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