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A chakra (plural: chakras) is an energy point in the body.

The term can be variously translated as a wheel, disk, or circle. While it is usually associated with the centers of the subtle body, it can also refer to a group of sadhakas or deities, or a ritual (for example, chakrapuja). There is also a medieval Indian weapon known as a chakra—a thin, razor-edged circular disk (think of that throwy thing which Xena the Warrior Princess had).


The Indian Tantric tradition (Shakta) teaches that there are seven major chakras in humans:

The chakras are said to be seven energy vortices in specific locations in the human body that draw in energy from the universe. Each chakra has its own specific color, tone, sound and psychological resonance associated with it. As we develop unhealthy relationships with different elements of our lives, we block specific chakras (or even cause them to "leak"), causing illness in different parts of the body.

A basic basic overview:

RED - Base/root chakra
Located at the base of the spine and related to your feeling of 'groundedness' in your family, society and the world.
ORANGE - Spleen
Located just beneath the navel, and related to our sexual and reproductive capacity.
YELLOW - Solar Plexus
Seat of Emotions. Gives us a sense of personal power in the world.
GREEN - Heart chakra
Love love love! How much you can let your love light shine! Well, that's governed by this chakra. Love yourself, love your neighbor because your neighbor is yourself.
BLUE - Throat
About self-expression, especially talking.
INDIGO - Third eye/pineal gland
The Third Eye chakra is about insight and visualization.
PURPLE - Crown
The Crown chakra is about wisdom and being one with the world. Connects you with message from higher realms.

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