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Radionics (also known as psychotronics) is a field of fringe science which explores the use of devices which manipulate radiative energies which can affect living systems at a distance. [1] Many believe radionics operate using subtle energy and technologically augmented ESP, while others (including its founder, Dr. Albert Abrams) believe it to operate using electromagnetic fields.[2]

The original devices worked on the principle that living systems responded to particular frequencies of electromagnetic radiation; applying the right frequency for a disease would theoretically cause it to vibrate to the point of destruction, like a wine glass shattering for an opera singer.[3] Modern radionics machines are also used for diagnosis and operate remotely with a taglock called a witness sample (innovations credited to Dr. Ruth Drown), though they typically retain the notion of vibration from the originals.[4]


Most radionics devices are some variation of variable resistors for tuning, a witness area (generally a metal plate, coil, or well) for holding the witness sample, and a stick pad (also known as a rubbing plate), a type of divination tool utilizing something akin to the ideomotor effect used to tune the device. To use a stick pad, the practitioner must slowly rub the surface with any fingers they feel comfortable using while slowly turning the tuning knobs until they feel their fingers "stick", a reaction that differs slightly between each individual. It's reported that pendulums can be used instead of rubbing.[5]


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