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You may have noticed a number of articles carrying a comment saying that they have been lifted from

This is all fine and legal, as long as we cite the source.

We are not duplicating the purpose of the wikipedia as is aiming to produce a encylopedia with a neutral point of view, whereas is interested in collecting a mixture of points of view. Subjective comments and text are to be expected.

Can the article be changed?

It is fine to change the text of these articles... more than fine, in fact, it is encouraged.

How do I import a node from wikipedia?

From wikipedia, go to the edit page and cut and paste all the text into the page of the same name on Add The template: {{from wikipedia}} - this includes all the boilerplate and a link back to wikipedia.

How do I clean up a wikipedia article?

Many of the articles from wikipedia will have links to non-existant nodes on mundane subjects. These should eventually be de-linked. Please do not create nodes about umbrellas or paddle-steamers unless they are somehow relevant to magic, religion or other esoteric subjects and such.

Also some elements appearing in the wikipedia article may be irrelevant noise for For example, Issac Newton; Newton did tons of interesting stuff in his life, but we only need to be concerned about his more esoteric interests. Also these can be expanded past the neutral point of view, even myth, legend, opinion and wild speculation, although these should be clearly indicated as such. When the article linked is directly relevant to the article itself and value is gained by linking to the article directly, Wikipedia articles can be linked using the format [[w:Article name|text to display]]