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Demon of Madness
AKA Orobas
Gender Male ♂
Color Orange 
Element Earth 🜃
Metal Lead ♄
Planet Saturn ♄
Zodiac Capricorn ♑
Plant Broom

The demon Orobas (from Latin 'orobias', a type of incense) is a fallen angel. He is a prince in hell, where he governs 20 legions of Demons. He makes his first appearance as a horse but then changes to a man upon command, either a dark-haired man or a boy with medium-blonde ring curls. He gives true answers to questions about the past, present, and future; divinity, and the creation of the world. Orobas refuses to lie and dislikes magicians being tempted by other demons. Prior to his fall, he was in the angelic order of thrones.[1]

Orobas will give one power and control over others, and protect from evil spirits and enemies. He puts a stop to slander and gossip. He can show visions to humans and make them experience any world they so wish. This is in addition to other out of body experiences such as astral projection, remote viewing, and etheric projection. He also manipulates human thoughts at will and can cause two people to fall in love. He is also well versed in other forms of mental persuasion.[2]

It is said that the most powerful rulers of the world sold their souls to Orobas in exchange for the wealth and power they sought. He also leads military commanders to victory in the battlefield. Some refer to him as "Lucifer's oracle". Orobas is considered a powerful demon quick to kill those who attempt to trick him, but will deal fairly with those who treat him with respect.

Some demonologists say that Orobas was among the demons that joined Lucifer during the great angelic rebellion in heaven. Before he could flee, Michael cut off his wings and speared him with a lance. When he appears, the scar can still be seen on his horse form.[3]

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