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The term "Neopagan" refers to a variety of movements started since 1960 or so with literary roots going back to the 1800's. These movements were attempts to recreate, revive, or continue what their practitioners believed to be the best aspects of paleopagan belief and practice. These paleopagan practices were blended with humanism, pluralistic and inclusionary ideals, while an attempt was made to exclude those practices and beliefs that were considered no longer relavent (ie) inappropriate concepts and attitudes from monotheistic, dualistic, or non-theistic world-views).

The Church of All Worlds would be a prime example of a Neopagan movement, as would most Wiccan traditions, Druidism and Keltria. The term was origionally coined by Oberon Zell, the founder of the Church of All Worlds.

Views on Homosexuality

As with any diverse group of people, there will be many different opinions of this. Homosexuals are, as a general rule, fully accepted by Wiccans. Diversity in general is accepted and celebrated. We are all God/dess' children, and as long as the Wiccan Rede is followed, there is a great deal of personal freedom allowed. (Though the Rede itself is more restricting than would appear at first glance.) Since homosexuality is not harmful, there's no reason to *not* accept it. Furthermore, there are a number of ancient religious practices that include or focus on homosexuals, hermaphrodites, or crossdressers.

There are, however, exceptions to every rule. There are Wiccans who will not accept homosexuals into their group because they have such an emphasis on male-female polarity. There are those who have negative personal feelings about homosexuality that they will not try to resolve. There are also groups who *only* accept homosexuals, so that particular energy can be focused on.

In general, a homosexual receives equal acceptance with others in Wiccan society.

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