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Marcello Bacci is a medium who began experimenting with instrumental transcommunication in the 1960s utilizing an unmodified Nordmende valve radio, beginning with a method known as "Direct Radio Voice Method" (DRV) which seeks to obtain anomalous communications through the loudspeakers of radios. His major influences were Friedrich Jürgenson and Konstantin Raudive.[1][2]


In the early 1970s, voices presented with a special rhythm and slight singing cadence. By the late 70s this had all but disappeared, assuming the modern "impulsive" speech articulation, with speed changing with each phoneme, possibly as a side effect of communicating from a timeless reality.


Bacci famously refuses money from those who attend his sessions, which he's been holding since he started. Anyone is welcome to join and any mediumship is done without any context. They tend to be very large gatherings in his home, up to 70 at a time.

After waiting for ten to twenty minutes the existing background noise disappears and a typical acoustic signal comes out of the speaker, similar to an approaching wind vortex, repeated three or four times at short intervals. Silence then follows until a speaker starts to communicate, the first presented as a kind of moderator. It is interesting to note the entities usually address Bacci in the third person and only rarely in the first person.

The voices are interspersed with pauses and often refer to themselves as variations of "Spirit", speaking in third person. The quality of speech varies between pronouncing slowly, as if they're having trouble finding the right words, to speaking quickly and without hesitation. They last from 10 seconds to 4 minutes and may end with a solemn choir. Once a contact is concluded, the normal background noise returns. Each session lasts about 40-60 minutes.

When an entity is contacted (usually a loved one), they speak clearly with some distortion in the voice of the deceased. Vocal analysis has shown that they're perfect matches. They usually begin by saying the attendee's name, respond to questions directly, and give detailed information which only they could know.

Communication with any one entity can last between 10 seconds and 4 minutes. Once their communication ends, the radio returns back to its normal static.


Marcello constantly adjusts the knobs, tuning into the band-free white noise of the short wave band (7-9 MHz) in a manner reminiscent of radionic stick pads, in which knobs are turned until some form of psychosomatic feedback is felt by the operator. This has the added benefit of being more resistant to interference from known broadcasts. How voices are manifested is unknown, though it may be related to EVPs. Vocal continuity is maintained even if the receiving frequency is being continuously changed, contrary to normal radio broadcasting which must be kept at very specific frequencies.

His radio has undergone extensive testing by skeptics, up to and including unplugging it, removing its batteries, removing vacuum tubes, and putting it in faraday cages all while in operation. Once a session starts, nothing is able to stop the voices from coming through, even when there's no apparent source of energy to drive the speakers. The phenomena comes back intermittently up to 20 minutes after the radio has been turned off.

The one thing which has been shown to consistently cause loss of communication is when Marcello isn't present, whether it be independent operation by third parties or him walking out in the middle of a session. Thus it's safe to conclude that Marcello Bacci himself is an integral part of the operation, possible an unusual form of psychic mediumship manifesting in the form of technokinesis. Unfortunately this means that there isn't a clear way of producing devices which replicate the phenomena.

During operation Bacci doesn't enter any form of altered consciousness as is typical of mediumship. How he actually interacts with the radio (beyond idly tuning the white noise) is unclear. Some spirits have asserted that communication occurs via "waves that are not physical".


The model of the afterlife presented by spirits is consistent. The repeated themes are:

  1. Astonishment about their new surroundings
  2. Timelessness
  3. Unbelievable speed
  4. Endless space

The actual specifics of the afterlife are never specified, as if they're unwilling or unable to speak about them. This is never phrased as a limitation, but more like a collective secret they've all agreed to keep.

Notable quotes

Every session is recorded. What follows are some notable quotes translated from Italian.

Dear mothers, we have already told you that your loved ones suffer only if you are suffering. A day will come where the mysteries will be disclosed to you, the haze will be dissipated and all of you will be embraced by a clear light. One day you’ll leave your body where you found it, to reach another order of being.

— Gregario, a regularly attending spirit

(From Italian): Certain persons here are not driven by faith but of curiosity. Many of you apparently come here searching for a sign. Spend your lives wisely and reflect carefully on these extraordinary events.

Dear Bacci, this is a wonderful privilege to be here close to you in such a dark, intimate living room. It is beautiful of you to give hospitality to the spirits.

To the mothers here, who don’t correctly understand what I have been saying, life does not finish on earth when you die, don’t forget this.

There will be a new world. Put away your uncertainties, your doubts, your anxieties.

Dear children, look at me, I am alive here.

Now I can see you: I am in front of those my very dear friends that are listening to me. All this arouses in myself a feeling of deep joy. This half an hour passed together has been a big comfort also for us; all of our friends know your name.

Fear to die? I don’t believe that death deserves so much! Here is Life after death. Death has been beat and this hope is not an illusion, your life must be transformed. There is another dimension, another Life. Remember, the Spirit will transform your mortal body into a spiritual body. Have you understood? This is inconceivable for the human being! Human beings are not eternal but much more then eternal! Your body will become Spirit, not similar but the same being; about this we cannot say anything more.

— "a citizen of heaven"

The Spirit is manifesting as mediator of the Truth, He comes to speak in this special way assuming a human feature to give his message. His presence allows you to approach the absolute Truth which cannot be entirely defined due to the limitations of human speech.

The problem is not to define the mystery but let the mystery penetrate us through the eyes of Faith. It’s quite important the availability of the mind and heart and in particular it’s essential to ask the Spirit for the hospitality of heart.

— The Wise

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