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AKA Malchidiel, Machidiel, Malchidieal, Malahidiel, Melkeial, Melkajal, Malchedael, Melkejal
Gender Male ♂
Color White 
Element Fire 🜂
Zodiac Aries ♈

Malchidael ("fullness/lightening of god") is the angel of Aries and geomantic spirit of puer. As one of the Angels of the Months, he's ruled by the Virtue of Laopusem.[1] He holds the focus of grace in the hearts of humans and fills them with truth and healing light from God. He causes the invocant to face their own desires. Kabbalistic texts describes the angel as one of the four personifications of Malkuth, the holy sefira.[2] He brings courage and strength in the face of adversity and can shield and release you from attachments. His influence comes just by thinking of him or asking for his protection.[3]

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