Magical Order of /x/

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Faggot Supreme

Has no concept of personal discipline for either love or control and does nothing but chant complete esoteric non-sense about unseen realms, unseen disincarnates and tantric sex with goats. Cannot speak coherently about any occult subject. (e.g. Aleister Crowley and most of the occult community)


Has begun reading this and is not the above.


Has basic understanding of The Archetypal Mind (Archetypology), The Tree of Life (Sephirot) and The Major Arcana as a source of magical wisdom.

Minimum requirement: Begins applying understanding to magical intents

True Adept

Can utilize thought-forms through intent-work to manifest basic worldly needs, such as monetary income. Can utilize magic to provide food, housing and comfort with ease.

Minimum requirement: Has desired income and other material means

True Sorcerer

Can utilize thought-forms through intent-work to either heal or control others.

Minimum requirement: Use magic to heal one significant injury or illness undeniably in a day

Ipsissimus (The Creator and/or Destroyer of All)

Can undeniably lift an object with his/her mind and shut down James Randi's one million dollar prize. Helps liberate the entire universe or destroy it.