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Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎, KA-BA-LA, literally "receiving/tradition", also transliterated Cabala, Cabbala, Kabalah, Qabalah, Quabala, Qabbālâ, and QBL) is a system of magic originating from Judaism.

The Kabbalah includes the Tree of Life, Gematria, and oral tradition, and is based largely on the Babylonian Talmud, the Zohar, and the Sepher Yetzirah.


It's pronounced KA-BA-LA. The word descends from hebrew K-B-L (קבל). K-B-L is the root verb for "receive", and "kabala" would therefore be literally "one being given". In modern spoken Hebrew, "kabala" is an invoice, e.g. a proof of purchase that is received by the customer upon payment.

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