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Gematria is an Assyro-Babylonian system of numerology based upon the relation of the Hebrew alphabet to numeric values. As a branch of kabbalah, gematria is usually used to find relationships between words in the Old Testament with the underlying assumption that if two words, say Adam & Yehova or Man & Beast, have the same value, then there is a relationship to be made between their meanings.

There are several different techniques:

  • Creating a phrase from a word as if the word were an acronym.
  • Creating a word from a phrase, using the first letter, last letter or both.
  • Considering two words or phrases either equal, complimentary or otherwise related if their numeric totals are the same.

Similar practices based on other languages exist. Some examples are: Isopsephia using the Greek alphabet, and Gematria of Nothing and The New Aeon English Qabala both intended to be used with English words.

Hebrew gematric values

Name Glyph Transliteration Value
Aleph א A 1
Bet ב B 2
Gimel ג G 3
Dalet ד D 4
Heh ה H 5
Vau ו V 6
Zayin ז Z 7
Chet ח Ch 8
Tet ט T 9
Yod י Y 10
Koph(1) כ K 20
Lamed ל L 30
Mem מ M 40
Nun נ N 50
Samekh ס S 60
Ayin ע O 70
Peh פ P 80
Tzaddi צ Tz 90
Qoph ק Q 100
Resh ר R 200
Shin ש Sh 300
Tau ת Th 400
Koph(1) ך K 500
Mem(1) ם M 600
Nun(1) ן N 700
Peh(1) ף P 800
Tzaddi(1) ץ Tz 900

(1) final form of the letter, only on word endings.

Gematria of nothing

The Gematria of Nothing, or GoN as it is refered to in shorthand claims to be a newer gematria and common with chaos magicians. In the GoN, A = 13, B = 12 and so on, until N = 0, and eventually Z = -12. The use of negative numbers seems to be a new development in gematria, and it allows for all kinds of wonderful corespondences. In addition to the GoN 1, there is the GoN II, which omits the zero, making for a balanced alphabet (A = 13 and Z = -13)

The Gematria of Nothing Research Foundation set up by Infek bin Laden on his website before his death, can be found here.

Some interesting correspondences:

  • East = 11
  • West = -11
  • One = 8
  • Zero = -8

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